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Special Considerations for Different Parts of the Body: Sides, “Love Handles” and Abdomen

Posted April 22, 2017 in Blog

Liposuction is commonly sought by people who are upset by the presence of fat deposits on the sides of the torso, known as the “flanks,” or the abdomen. Fat deposits on the flanks are commonly known as “love handles,” while fat deposits on the abdomen and flanks create the “spare tire.” People with love handles or a spare tire may have tried to reduce them through diet and exercise, but to no avail.

Fat deposits in the flanks tend to differ on men’s and women’s bodies. For women, problems most commonly appear either in the area near the bra-line or below the waistline, in the iliac area. For men, the most common areas of complaint are above the waistline.

Because liposuction of the torso and abdomen often targets larger areas and removes more fat tissue than liposuction of smaller body areas, it is more likely to require general anesthesia, rather than local numbing. If general anesthesia is required, liposuction of these body areas is performed as an outpatient procedure: The procedure may take an hour or two, but you can plan to go home the same day the surgery is performed.

Recovery from liposuction surgery of the flanks and abdomen is similar to recovery for other types of liposuction. Your doctor will likely provide a compression garment for you to wear over the surgical site, as well as instructions for cleaning and care of the area.

While the initial healing of your tissues and surgical sites may appear to go quickly, you should wait at least four months before buying new clothes. In the months after your surgery, swelling will recede slowly, and your body will gradually lose the water and other fluids that built up due to surgery. Don’t be discouraged if you appear the same size or even larger at first: Your post-operative appearance is due to fluid retention and swelling that will resolve in time.

Below is an example of a typical result:

Liposuction before and after - front facing view

liposuction of the “love handles” and abdomen

Liposuction before and after - back side view

liposuction of the “love handles” and abdomen

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