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Preparing for Liposuction

Posted April 08, 2017 in Blog

Choosing a doctor, discussing your options, and asking questions are all preliminary steps toward the liposuction procedure itself. When you’ve finally said, “Yes, let’s do this,” you’ll still need to prepare for surgery. Here’s how to get ready physically, psychologically and logistically.

Your Body

The night before surgery, follow the instructions provided by your doctor’s office. These may include instructions not to eat or drink anything after a certain time, to shower and scrub thoroughly with antibiotic soap, or similar instructions.

The day of your surgery, skip any makeup you usually wear, including nail polish. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing to make your trip to and from the office more comfortable.

Your Mind

It’s natural to feel a bit nervous on the day of surgery. If it helps you to stay calm, talk about your concerns with the medical staff. Their goal is to help you have the most comfortable procedure possible, and their experience can help you stay focused on what is happening. They can help you attain a sense of control that can do much to allay your nerves.

Likewise, if your nerves are mixed with excitement, anticipation or relief, feel free to share these feelings as well. Medical staff who work on liposuction procedures are often happy to hear that patients are looking forward to the changes they’re about to see in their bodies.

Your Plans

While you can drive yourself to surgery, it’s best if you have someone else to drive you. Choose a friend or family member you trust, and let your doctor’s office know who will be driving and taking care of you after surgery. The office can help by providing your driver with an estimated time that surgery will end and you’ll be ready to go home.

Before you leave for surgery, prepare your bedroom or wherever you will be sleeping, so that you will not have to search around the house for various items. Many patients are encouraged to sleep in a reclining chair (“Lazy Boy” recliner) for the first week or two after surgery. Plan to get up frequently, not only to go to the bathroom, but also to walk around the house or outside. While many people come home from surgery and take a nap, it’s wise to keep your bedside table stocked with books, movies or other quiet activities. This way, you can stay engaged while you rest, if you don’t feel like sleeping. It is also recommended to stock up on some supplies you may need to care for your incisions or if you have any drainage. Your doctor may have specific recommendations about that supplies that you may need.

Below is an example of a typical result.

Arm lift before and after - back side of left arm

liposuction of the arms

Arm lift before and after - Front side of left arm

liposuction of the arms

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