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Belly Button Reshaping (Umbilicoplasty)

Dr. Goldschmidt’s clinic can help reform naval deformities, eliminate irregularities and bulging, and create an overall aesthetically pleasing experience.
Our surgeries are simple, safe, and effective. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about scarring or downtime after your surgery.

If you want to improve the way your stomach appears, you may want to learn more about belly button reshaping, or Umbilicoplasty. The procedure is growing in popularity and Dr. Matt Goldschmidt, an experienced Cleveland cosmetic surgeon, offers it to his patients who are unhappy with the appearance of their belly button. This procedure improves the appearance of the midsection and the central abdomen. After the procedure, our patients report they’re no longer self-conscious about wearing swimsuits.

Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery Solutions

Belly button reshaping usually coincides with a full tummy tuck procedure, but it can also be done if you just would like a more aesthetically pleasing belly button. It can also be done in conjunction with liposuction or virtually any other procedure since it is a relatively quick procedure

What to Expect

Dr. Goldschmidt can perform this under light sedation (twilight anesthesia) or general anesthesia or with you awake if you prefer (local anesthesia). Once the skin is trimmed, the umbilicus is reshaped and sutures are placed to hold it in the desired position. The belly button can be converted from an “outie” to an “innie” if desired. Sometimes Dr. Goldschmidt can move the belly button slightly higher or lower if desired.

Dr. Goldschmidt consults and examines each patient in order to present the best cosmetic options. Other issues such as a hernia can also be addressed or diagnosed at this time. If you have any questions, please call our office in Independence conveniently situated just south of Cleveland.

For more information about Belly Button Reshaping (Umbilicoplasty) or to schedule your Belly Button Reshaping (Umbilicoplasty) consultation with Dr. Matt Goldschmidt, please call (216) 350-3175.
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