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Hand Rejuvenation

This is the only FDA-approved product for this type of cosmetic procedure.  The results are smooth and natural in appearance and last up to 1 year.

Many patients will often look into cosmetic procedures to address their facial appearance to prevent imperfections like wrinkles and fine lines from developing. However, they may not realize their hands need just as much attention. It is a known fact that our hands are the first part of our body to begin showing signs of aging. This is due to them always being exposed. As we age, the skin surrounding our hands can start to lose elasticity and collagen much like our face does. Fortunately, Dr. Goldschmidt’s hand rejuvenation treatments can provide patients with the results they desire to treat aging hands and restore their youthful appearance.


Ideal candidates interested in undergoing our hand rejuvenation treatments may struggle with one or more of the following concerns:

  • Sun damage
  • Brown spots
  • Discoloration
  • Wrinkles
  • Prominent veins
  • Loose, thinning skin
  • Volume loss
  • Bony hands

Your Hand Rejuvenation Treatments

Although RADIESSE® has been known to treat facial imperfections around the mouth and nose, it is also used to restore volume and smoothness to the hands. Chemical peel and laser treatments are also an excellent solution for treating aging hands.


RADIESSE® is an FDA-approved filler that can address wrinkles, volume loss, and bulging veins in your hands. Fillers are typically performed on an outpatient basis and do not require downtime. During your treatment, a small, fine needle will be injected into the treated area, and the solution will smooth out the skin while also restoring volume to your hands.

Chemical Peels and Lasers

Chemical peels and lasers can correct visible signs of aging by exfoliating your hands as well as removing the damaged outer layer of skin. During your chemical peel treatment, the formula will be placed on the surface of your hands as it works to eliminate imperfections like brown spots, discoloration, and wrinkles. Once the formula has been removed, the healthy layer of skin is then revealed.

Lasers use light-based energy to carefully remove the outer, sun-damaged layers of the skin. They may also get rid of age spots and help to stimulate collagen formation that will tighten the skin as well.


Since both RADIESSE®, lasers, and chemical peels are performed on an outpatient basis, they require little to no recovery time. You may experience some mild redness along the treated area following your chemical peel or laser treatment, but this should resolve after a few days.


Following your hand rejuvenation treatment, you will begin to see immediate results. While RADIESSE® and chemical peels can keep your hands looking fresh, unfortunately, results are temporary. You may need to undergo several treatments to maintain your results.

For more information about Hand Rejuvenation or to schedule your Hand Rejuvenation consultation with Dr. Matt Goldschmidt, please call (216) 350-3175.
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