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Acne Treatment

Acne can be a difficult problem to treat, especially as an adult. People of all ages feel self-conscious when they have a breakout. Dr. Matt Goldschmidt in Cleveland, Ohio, has experience in treating acne, both with medical therapies and surgical options. With his expertise, he may be able to help with healing your pimples and blemishes.

Many patients need both surgical and medical treatments—either simultaneously or at different times—to improve their complexion and achieve smooth, clear skin with a more balanced tone.

Am I a good candidate?

Almost any patient with acne concerns can benefit from one or more treatments. A physical examination and discussion with your doctor are necessary to determine which treatment option is right for you.

What causes acne?

The sebaceous glands produce sebum, and the pores in the skin allow the sebum to make its way to the surface. When sebum gets stuck under the skin, the pore becomes inflamed and infected, causing acne to form. People who are prone to acne experience pore clogging due to the overproduction of sebum caused by hormones or other factors.

Treatment must reduce sebum production through medication and sometimes an antibiotic to help fight infected glands. Over time, these chronic infections can lead to acne scarring. In these cases, surgery may be helpful to reduce scarring and help camouflage the damage caused by acne.

What is the procedure?

Surgical treatment for acne and scarring can include laser treatments, dermabrasion, skin resurfacing, and direct excision of the acne scars. It is common for Dr. Matt Goldschmidt to combine several approaches to provide the best acne treatment possible for your skin type.

SaltFacial Skin Renewal Therapy™ is a nonsurgical, noninvasive treatment option for mild redness and acne.


Depending on the technique utilized, it can take two weeks to a month to fully heal after treatment. The skin may feel sensitive and appear red and swollen for the first week. Prescription medications and post-treatment care instructions will be provided to ensure your comfort during recovery. Many individuals resume daily activities within a few days.


Your skin should appear significantly smoother and brighter, with fewer clogged pores. Acne should be dramatically reduced, and pores may appear smaller.

What is the average cost of acne treatment?

Every treatment varies in price and may be combined with other procedures. Dr. Goldschmidt will provide this information during your consultation and give you an accurate cost estimate.

Is the treatment painful?

Anesthesia or a topical anesthetic is normally used to help ease any discomfort during treatment. Your preferences and procedure plan will offer different options, and Dr. Goldschmidt can provide recommendations.

How many treatments will I need?

The severity of your acne will determine which treatments can help and how many are needed to achieve your ideal results.

Can I use a home treatment to get rid of acne?

At-home treatments or home remedies typically cannot rid your skin of clogged pores. Storebought treatments are usually too harsh and wind up drying out and irritating the skin, rather than helping clear up acne. Skincare experts are trained and skilled at resolving these issues, so you should consider seeking advice from a professional if you have moderate to severe acne.

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