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Cosmetic Ear Surgery (Otoplasty) in Cleveland, OH

Many people struggle with the size or shape of their ears. Their ears may be too big or stick out too far from their heads, causing them to feel embarrassed and self-conscious. And this is an issue that boys, girls, men, and women of all ages suffer from. While many people may try to hide their ears under long hair or hats and scarves, this is no way to live. Instead, there is a plastic surgery procedure that helps to correct issues so that you can have the look you’ve always wanted.
Otoplasty (cosmetic ear surgery, also known as ear pinning) is a common type of ear surgery that helps correct ears that are imbalanced, too large, or protrude from the sides of the head too much. Dr. Matt Goldschmidt at the Cosmetic Surgery Center is an otoplasty surgeon who has performed numerous ear pinning surgeries and earlobe reduction surgeries. After your cosmetic ear surgery, you will be able to wear your hair short (if you want!) and hopefully feel more confident and comfortable with your appearance in the mirror and in public.

Am I a Candidate for Cosmetic Ear Surgery?

The ears can be reshaped and made less noticeable by “pinning” so that they do not stick out too far. Children and adults can be teased about their ears when they protrude too much. This can become a significant problem for many individuals, especially boys or men who do not have long hair to help conceal the ears. The protruding ear may result from the poor development of the natural folds of the ear or the overgrowth of other areas of the ear. Otoplasty surgery is designed to re-create these folds and to reduce the protrusion of the ear from the scalp.

If you think that you may be a candidate for otoplasty, set up your consultation today so that Dr. Goldschmidt can evaluate your condition and see if ear surgery is right for you.

Ideal candidates are people in good general health who have realistic expectations for their results.

How Is Otoplasty Performed?

The procedure is relatively short and is performed in an out-patient surgical center. It is typically performed with local or general anesthesia. Once the patient is marked, incisions are made behind the ear, and permanent sutures are used to help reshape the ear. Some cartilage may need to be removed so that the ear can be made less protrusive. A head wrap dressing is then placed to help stabilize the surgical repair of the ears. This bandage is worn for approximately seven days after surgery, and then the patient is instructed to wear a headband for the following four weeks.

What Can I Expect for My Cosmetic Ear Surgery Recovery?

Patients generally do not experience significant pain but will need pain medicine after surgery for the first few days of their otoplasty recovery. Bruising and swelling are common during the week or two after surgery, though these side effects will dissipate. Dr. Goldschmidt usually sees patients the following day after the procedure to ensure the healing phase is perfect, and the results will be amazing!

What Will My Otoplasty Results Be?

After your otoplasty surgery, you will experience swelling, most of which will lessen significantly over the first one to two weeks. However, it is not until after two or three months that the swelling will completely subside and your final results will be evident.

Once your results are finalized, you’ll have more aesthetically pleasing ears that are better proportionate to your entire face. You can expect to have increased confidence in your appearance so that you no longer have to worry about what other people might think or say about your ears.

Additionally, your otoplasty results are considered permanent.

What Are Some Frequently Asked Questions About Cosmetic Ear Surgery?

What is the best age to undergo otoplasty?

Otoplasty is one of the few cosmetic surgeries that can be performed on children. Otoplasty is appropriate as soon as the patient’s ears are fully grown, which typically occurs around the age of five. While otoplasty does not have to be performed on children, it is often beneficial. The earlier the surgery is completed, the easier it is to recover, and the less chance there is for the patient to experience ridicule. Most otoplasty patients turn to ear reshaping or earlobe reduction because they have experienced bullying or taunting. This treatment allows patients of all ages to feel more comfortable and confident in the appearance of their ears.

How long does ear surgery take?

Ear surgery is usually performed in under two hours. Occasionally, more complicated procedures may take longer.

Will there be any pain during my procedure?

Because your otoplasty is performed under either local or general anesthesia, you will not feel any pain or discomfort during your surgery. However, you may experience some soreness and discomfort in the surgical area during the week after your procedure. Any pain you feel can be alleviated with medication; however, if the pain persists, it is important that you contact Dr. Goldschmidt immediately.

Can ear surgery cause brain damage?

Otoplasty, especially ear pinning, is a simple and straightforward cosmetic procedure and permanent side effects are rare. Unfortunately, there is always a chance of complications. These can include infection, blood clots, and hearing loss; there is no evidence that ear surgery can lead to long-term brain damage.

Are there any risks associated with otoplasty?

Although rare, there are risks associated with otoplasty, as with any plastic surgery procedure. These risks include:

  • Scarring
  • Asymmetry of the ears
  • Allergic reaction to anesthesia
  • Overcorrection
  • Changes in skin sensitivity and sensation

How bad will my scars be after my otoplasty procedure?

Since otoplasty is an invasive surgery, there will be scars. However, it is important to understand that the incisions for cosmetic ear surgery are usually made in the creases behind the ears, which means that the scars will be hidden from view.

Can I combine other procedures with my otoplasty procedure?

Yes! Many patients choose to combine procedures with their otoplasty. Combining procedures cuts down on the overall cost and recovery time, since you are having your procedures and recovering from them all at the same time. Some of the most common procedures combined with otoplasty are:

What does otoplasty cost?

The cost of otoplasty varies depending on the geographical location, the techniques used, and the extent of the procedure. Additional cost factors include anesthesia, facility fees, surgeon’s fees, and post-surgical dressings.

For more information about Cosmetic Ear Surgery (Otoplasty) in Cleveland, OH or to schedule your Cosmetic Ear Surgery (Otoplasty) in Cleveland, OH consultation with Dr. Matt Goldschmidt, please call (216) 264-8100.