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Cosmetic Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

Otoplasty is a common procedure that help correct ears that are unaesthetic and protrude too much.
Otoplasty is a common procedure that help correct ears that are unaesthetic and protrude too much.  Dr. Matt Goldschmidt at The Cosmetic Surgery Center, has performed numerous Otoplasties and plastic surgery of the ears.

The ears can be reshaped and made less noticeable by “pinning” the ear back and making them stick out less.  Children can often be teased about their ears when they protrude too much.  This can become a significant problem for children, especially boys who do not have long hair to help conceal the ears.  The protruding ear may result from poor development of the natural folds of the ear.  It can also be from overgrowth of other areas of the ear.  Plastic surgery of the ear is designed to re-create these folds and to reduce the protrusion of the ear from the scalp.

The procedure is relatively short and is performed in an out-patient surgical center.  It is typically done with anesthesia.  Once the patient is marked, incisions are made behind the ear and permanent sutures are used to help reshape the ear.  Some cartilage may need to be removed so that the ear can be made less protrusive.  A head wrap dressing is then placed to help stabilize the surgical repair of the ears.  This bandage is worn for approximately 7 days after surgery and then the patient is instructed to wear a head band for the following 4 weeks.

Patients generally do not experience significant pain but will need pain medicine after surgery for the first few days.  Bruising may also occur after surgery which may take a few weeks to resolve.  Dr. Goldschmidt usually sees patients the following day after the Otoplasty surgery to insure the initial healing phase is perfect and the results will be amazing!

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