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What Are Other Trusted Resources on This Topic?

Posted September 30, 2016 in Blog

The Internet is full of information on breast implants and breast augmentation – but, like any other popular online topic, sorting the trustworthy information from the nonsense can be tough sometimes. We’ve gathered some of the more trusted resources on the topic into a single list for your consideration. The American Board of Cosmetic […]

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Where Can I Read About The Actual Science and Research Regarding Breast Implants?

Posted September 09, 2016 in Blog

Type the words “breast augmentation” or “breast implants” into any search engine, and you’ll get millions of results – everything from doctors describing what they do in their own practices to members of the public talking about their own implants or what they think of people who consider augmentation. Everyone has an opinion about breast […]

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How Breast Implants Are Inserted?

Posted August 19, 2016 in Blog

Hundreds of thousands of breast augmentation surgeries are performed in the U.S. each year. For most of these patients, the procedure follows a set of typical steps, with expected results and no serious complications. Read more about our Breast Augmentation & Enhancement Surgery.  Here are the steps your surgeon is likely to follow in any […]

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