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Freshen Up in the Fall

Posted August 31, 2018 in Body Contouring, Facial Rejuvenation

Spring and summer are the best seasons for soaking up the sunshine by the pool and donning revealing clothing to combat the heat. However, you may not want to undergo facial rejuvenation surgery when you are tempted to sunbathe and go to social events before you are fully healed. Knowing when to schedule your desired cosmetic procedure is crucial for having a smooth and comfortable recovery. Fall is the perfect time for facial rejuvenation due to the colder weather and increasingly popular indoor activities. There are many benefits to having your facial rejuvenation procedure in the fall, such as:

Happy girl enjoying a fall day

  • Concealed Incisions: There are not many patients who want everyone else to see their surgical incisions, and undergoing a significant procedure when it is too hot outside makes it hard to cover up. Fall means it is time to sport cute hats and gorgeous scarves, which are handy for hiding incisions immediately after your surgery.
  • Sun Protection: If your incisions are exposed to direct sunlight, they can appear darker or heal poorly. It is easier to stay out of the sun during the cooler months of fall, which helps incisions heal properly and minimizes the risk of developing noticeable scars.
  • Time to Heal: Patients who plan their surgery far in advance can have a relaxed recovery without feeling rushed. By scheduling your facial rejuvenation during the autumn months, there is plenty of time to recover before patients are likely to go out often and show off their results.

Facial Rejuvenation Procedures

Facial rejuvenation is an entirely customizable procedure or combination of procedures. At The Cosmetic Surgery Center in Cleveland, Ohio, you can achieve dramatic or conservative results that are tailored to your unique facial anatomy and personal preferences. Depending on your cosmetic needs and goals, there are several facial rejuvenation options available:

If you have any questions about facial rejuvenation or to schedule your personal consultation, please call The Cosmetic Surgery Center at 216-350-3175.

Body Contouring in the Fall

Many patients strive to achieve a fit and alluring figure they can display proudly during the spring and summer months. Those who cannot obtain the curves they desire with at-home methods, such as strict dieting and consistent exercise, may want to consider surgical body contouring procedures. With body contouring, patients can pinpoint problem areas and customize their look to their liking. However, these types of surgeries typically require lengthy recovery periods to allow the body to heal completely and adjust to its new enhancements. Some of the main benefits of undergoing body contouring surgery in the fall include:

  • Overall Comfort: After a body contouring procedure, you will likely need to wear compression garments over the treatment area for several weeks to help promote skin contraction in addition to minimizing bruising and swelling. Having to wear these garments when it is warm outside can be incredibly bothersome, so opting for surgery in the colder seasons can make your recovery more comfortable.
  • Plenty of Rest: Most body enhancement surgeries will limit your activity for several weeks, so you will have to get plenty of rest while your body heals. Because the days are shorter and colder in the fall, many people turn to indoor activities that are less physically demanding. Having surgery in autumn means you do not have to miss out on vigorous outdoor activities, and you can enjoy a stress-free recovery.
  • Help With Childcare: After you undergo body contouring surgery, you will need help taking care of your children. Parents with school-aged children usually have an easier time finding babysitters who are available during the school year because they do not need to watch the kids for the entire day. By scheduling your procedure when school starts in the fall, you can recover in a quiet home during the day and find reliable after-school childcare.

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Body Contouring Procedures

Depending on the results you desire, body contouring can be achieved by utilizing advanced and precise surgical techniques. Patients who seek a more attractive physique can choose from an array of options offered at The Cosmetic Surgery Center in Cleveland. Some of the most sought-after body contouring procedures to schedule during the fall are:


You can have a more comfortable and relaxed recovery by choosing not to have surgery when it is warm outside. Whether you want to indulge in facial rejuvenation treatments or body contouring procedures, planning ahead can ensure that you get the results you want in time for warmer seasons and swimsuit activities.