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Facelift Benefits: More Than Skin-Deep

Posted February 15, 2018 in Blog

Everyone knows facelift surgery helps smooth out wrinkles and eliminate sagging, loose skin, but restoring a more youthful look is just one of the benefits of the surgery. Compared to noninvasive cosmetic treatments like BOTOX and cosmetic filler injections, facelift surgery offers a whole host of significant advantages well worth considering.

The results are long lasting.

 Unlike injectables that offer short-lived improvements (typically a few months for BOTOX and up to a year or two for fillers), facelift surgery helps you look younger for years after your procedure. In fact, one study found 70% of patients were still satisfied with their results more than 12 years after their surgery.

You’ll feel more confident—and happier (yes, happier).

 Researchers at the University of Basel found patients who had cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance were happier than those who had considered surgery but decided against it. What’s more, their heightened feelings of happiness, self-confidence and self-esteem persisted for more than a year following their procedure. And in another study from 2017, researchers from Johns Hopkins found that people perceived women who’d had facelift procedures as being more attractive, more youthful and even more successful.

The results look natural.

 Compared to facelift surgeries performed a decade or more ago, recent advances in surgical techniques yield results that are much more natural-looking and custom-tailored to an individual patient’s facial structure.

Surgical approaches are optimized to work with your underlying anatomy, so that a cosmetic surgeon can correct aging issues at their roots, for longer-lasting results and greater satisfaction—even years after surgery.

You can combine facelift surgery with other treatments and procedures.

 Having a facelift doesn’t limit other options. Many patients opt for eyelid lift surgery at the same time as their facelift procedure, to reduce puffy/tired looking eyes and restore the upper face for a completely refreshed appearance.

Others combine a facelift with a neck lift to get rid of folds and creases in the neck, some of the first—and most dramatic— signs of aging for many people. Another benefit: Combining procedures means less recovery time and usually lower cost as well (versus doing them separately).

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