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What Is Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Posted June 16, 2018 in Blog

What Is Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Breast augmentation, also known as “augmentation mammoplasty,” is a surgery used to increase the size, shape, or fullness of the breasts. Over 400,000 breast augmentation surgeries are performed in the United States every year.

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Patients choose breast augmentation surgery for many reasons. Some wish to make smaller breasts larger or to create a more symmetric appearance. Pregnancy, weight loss, and breastfeeding can dramatically alter the breasts; surgery can restore their original size and shape. Breast cancer, trauma caused by serious accidents, and other events that require the removal of part or all of the breasts also motivate women to get this surgery.

The Basics of the Procedure

We will explore the technical elements shortly, but here’s a thumbnail sketch. The surgeon inserts breast implants under the muscles of the chest or the already-existing breast tissue. These implants – made of silicone, saline, or other materials – replicate a wide range of feels, firmness, and shapes. Their flexibility makes breast augmentation an option for a wide range of patients.

Some people crudely refer to breast augmentation surgery as a “boob job,” but this dismissive language does a disservice to patients by downplaying the significant, lasting positive effects of the procedure.

Studies show that patients who choose breast augmentation surgery report high levels of satisfaction. For instance, a 2013 study in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery found that 98 percent of patients surveyed said that they got the results they expected. Women also reported that they felt more confident; that they had better self-esteem; and that their overall quality of life had improved following the procedure.

In addition, 85 percent of the patients surveyed thought their post-surgery size was “just right,” and 99 percent were satisfied with the way their scars had healed. The study also found that most patients were back to living their normal lives less than a month after surgery.

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About Dr. Goldschmidt

Matthew Goldschmidt, MD, FACS is a cosmetic surgeon with an impressive list of academic and professional achievements.  He is board certified by two surgical boards which include the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, for body, breast and facial surgery, as well as the Board of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.


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