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What Can Go Wrong? A Closer Look at Your Implants

Posted April 16, 2019 in Breast Implants

Breast implants are a safe and reliable way to enhance the size, shape, and projection of the breasts. That being said, breast implants do not come without the risk of complications. Every year, hundreds of thousands of women choose to augment their breasts through the use of saline or silicone breast implants, and many of […]

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Prepare for Your Tummy Tuck

Posted April 02, 2019 in Abdominoplasty

Tummy tuck surgery offers cosmetic transformations that dramatically enhance a patient’s confidence and body contours. And while the results are well worth the means, the days and weeks following your surgery will present a series of unique challenges. During this time, regular exercise and heavy lifting are prohibited, soreness and tiredness are expected, and everyday […]

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How to Achieve the Most Natural-Looking Implants?

Posted March 01, 2019 in Breast Augmentation

Thousands of women choose to enhance the size of their breasts with implants every year, making breast augmentation the most regularly performed cosmetic surgery in the country. Women deciding to undergo breast augmentation have one of two desires when it comes to their results. Either they want their breasts to look noticeably voluptuous and augmented, […]

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Will A Breast Augmentation Surgery Affect My Nipples Sensitivity?

Posted February 15, 2019 in Blog

One of the biggest questions that comes up during discussions about breast augmentation is “How will implants change the feeling in my breasts and nipples?” While many people who consider implants do so because they want to feel more sexy, no one gets implants so they can actually enjoy sex less. Here’s what you need […]

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What Liposuction Cannot Do?

Posted February 05, 2019 in Liposuction

Liposuction is one of the most beneficial body contouring procedures available; however, there are some things even liposuction cannot accomplish. For a better understanding of how liposuction works, it is essential to understand what liposuction can address and what it cannot. Liposuction Is Not a Weight Loss Alternative Liposuction removes unwanted fat cells by suctioning […]

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