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How to Achieve the Most Natural-Looking Implants?

Posted March 01, 2019 in Breast Augmentation

Thousands of women choose to enhance the size of their breasts with implants every year, making breast augmentation the most regularly performed cosmetic surgery in the country. Women deciding to undergo breast augmentation have one of two desires when it comes to their results. Either they want their breasts to look noticeably voluptuous and augmented, or they want natural-looking breasts that are larger and fuller than what they currently have. Both of these results are easily attained when you know what type of implant you want and what the best placement choice is. There are many choices you will make regarding your breast implants and breast augmentation, and your choices will ultimately affect your results.

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The Natural-Looking Approach

Choosing Your Implants

Many women want larger breasts that still look and feel like natural breast tissue. There are a few choices of material available including silicone, cohesive gel, and saline. Silicone and cohesive gel implants are filled with silicone gel, that while moveable, is denser and therefore maintain its shape more like natural breast tissue. Saline implants consist of saline solution (salt water) that is contained within a silicone shell. Even though the saline is trapped in the shell, the liquid moves differently and holds a different shape than natural breast tissue. Because of this, saline implants create a more “augmented” look. If your focus is to remain natural-looking, a silicone implant or a cohesive gel “gummy bear” implant may be a better bet. These implants hold onto their shape, move and feel more like natural breast tissue, and are less likely to ripple.

Choosing Your Placement

Implant placement will also affect the look and feel of your breasts in the same way that different implant types can. There are three options for placing the implants: subglandular, subfascial, and subpectoral. Subglandular placement inserts the implants beneath the breast tissue but above the pectoral muscle. Subfascial placement adds the implants beneath the lining of the pectoral muscle. And subpectoral placement inserts the implants entirely underneath the muscle. While subglandular placement offers the shortest recovery period, it is the option that will provide a look that is less natural. This does not mean that the results will look completely unnatural, it simply means that the other options offer a more natural look and feel. This is because placement under the lining or muscle allows the edges of the implant to be hidden for a more natural shape.

Do Not Write Off Saline Implants

Although saline implants often provide more noticeable cleavage, they can still offer natural-looking results, and they come with many benefits over silicone implants. Saline implants are approved for women over the age of 18 whereas silicone implants require you to be at least 22. Saline implants are also most cost-efficient, and it is far easier to identify a saline rupture. For many women, these benefits make saline implants the top choice.

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