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How Do You “Size Me Up” to Determine the Right Size Implant for My Body?

Posted August 11, 2016 in Blog

Choosing the size and shape of the implants you want to use in your breast augmentation surgery can be a great deal of fun. We work with you to choose the implants that will give you the size, shape, and profile you want. Here’s how.

Trying On Breast Implants

One approach we take is to ask you to bring your new bra and a few different tops to your appointment. Then, we have you “try on” implants by placing them in the lower part of the bra. This method can help you see how the implants will fill out your bra (and your tops), and it helps your doctor narrow down the best size, shape, and materials for your implants.

Measuring Your Breast Width

At your appointment, your medical team will also measure the width of your breasts. Typically, this width is measured (in centimeters) from the inside to the outside of the breast in a straight line. Breast width is one significant consideration in choosing the right implants for your body, since the best choice is typically an implant that is the same width as your breast or slightly narrower.

Breast Tissue Considerations

The thickness of breast tissue varies from person to person. For the most natural-looking and comfortable results, the size of the implant should accommodate the thickness of the tissue as well. For instance, a person with thicker tissues can often wear a wider implant better than someone with thinner breast tissues.

Can I just tell you what cup size I want?

While cup size can help you choose which bras you bring to your fitting appointments, relying on cup size alone is not likely to get the results you want. First, the size of the bra’s cups doesn’t communicate any information about the shape of the breasts, how they will move, or where they will sit on your chest. Both of these are essential to the overall “look” you wish to achieve.

Second, every bra company sizes its bras a little differently. What one company calls a “38DD,” another might call a “36C.” What matters is that the implants fit you – so that any bra you choose will look good.

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