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Extended Tummy Tuck in Cleveland

Throughout a person’s life, their body will undergo several changes. Pregnancy, weight fluctuations, medical conditions, medications, and many other factors can all impact the body’s look. Over time, this can cause skin to collect on some regions of the body, especially the abdomen. Tummy tuck surgery helps address excess skin on the abdomen. Though, there are several different types of tummy tucks. Patients with more skin may undergo an extended abdominoplasty. Dr. Matt Goldschmidt provides the best extended tummy tuck Cleveland.

What Is An Extended Tummy Tuck?

An extended tummy tuck uses the traditional tummy tuck incision from hip to hip. However, the incision extends onto each hip. It may end on the sides of the body or curve fully around each hip. The exact length of the incision depends on the amount of skin that needs to be removed. The procedure is particularly suited for patients who have lost a massive amount of weight and experience skin collection along their hips and flank area. It is also common for Dr. Goldschmidt to combine liposuction with an extended tummy tuck to provide the best possible body contouring results.


An extended tummy tuck offers many benefits to patients who qualify for the procedure. While many patients are concerned with the size of the scar and recovery, they often find that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. The benefits and advantages of an extended abdominoplasty include:

  • Remove extra skin
  • Correct separated abdominal muscles (diastasis recti)
  • Address descended or small pockets of fat
  • Remove C-section scars
  • Treat stretch marks on the lower abdomen
  • Create a flatter abdomen
  • Strengthen the core
  • Make lifting and exercise easier and safer
  • Skin removal continues to the hips and flanks
  • Effective surgery
  • Address damage due to pregnancy
  • Reveal true body contours
  • Help weight loss patients see the results of their hard work
  • May be combined with other procedures
  • Can contour the body based on patient goals
  • Performed by a plastic surgeon with over two decades of experience

Extended Tummy Tuck vs. Standard Tummy Tuck vs. Lower Body Lift

An extended tummy tuck is often mistaken for two other body contouring procedures: a full tummy tuck and a lower body lift. There are similarities between all three of the procedures, but they are ultimately different.

A standard tummy tuck uses only a hip-to-hip incision while an extended tummy tuck extends that traditional incision. Beyond this, the two procedures are basically identical and will go on to remove skin, fat, and tighten the abdominal muscles. Each procedure will also reposition the belly button on the abdomen.

A lower body lift involves a completely circumferential incision. Like the abdominoplasty incisions, it starts below the panty line on the abdomen and continues the same incision around the back. This is a more extensive procedure that commonly treats people who have undergone massive weight loss.

Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Surgery

What Is The Average Cost Of A Tummy Tuck In Cleveland, Ohio?

Tummy tuck surgery costs fluctuate wildly due to the many different types of abdominoplasty procedures that exist. For instance, a mini tummy tuck will not cost as much as an extended tummy tuck. On average, tummy tucks can range from $5,000 to $12,000+ depending on several factors.

After a consultation with Dr. Goldschmidt, patients receive a personalized price quote based on their needs that details their final extended tummy tuck cost. Financing is available through Care Credit and United Medical Credit.

How Long Does An Extended Tummy Tuck Last?

Theoretically, the results of an extended tummy tuck in Cleveland are permanent. If a patient does not experience major weight fluctuations, they will likely see their results last. However, if a pregnancy occurs or major weight gain or loss, this may hinder or reverse abdominoplasty results. Tummy tuck patients should not plan to become pregnant.

If a patient undergoes liposuction at the same time, the treated areas are unlikely to see the fat come back. However, patients can still put on weight in other areas or see existing fat cells expand.

What BMI Do You Need For Extended Tummy Tuck?

There is not one BMI that is needed for an extended tummy tuck because BMI can be inaccurate for some patients. For example, muscular patients may have a high BMI, but overall low body fat. Conversely, a patient with a normal BMI may be extremely unhealthy. In general, BMI should ideally be lower than thirty, but some cases may proceed with a BMI under 40.

This is extremely individual and must be determined upon consultation with Dr. Goldschmidt due to several other factors needing to be considered.

Will I Go Down A Pants Size?

Yes, extended tummy tuck patients will likely go down at least one or two pants sizes, if not more. Though, this may take time to happen as the swelling goes down. Wearing a compression garment will help promote reduced swelling and better overall results. Usually, by month three or four, patients notice the biggest change in pants size.

Can You Combine Extended Abdominoplasty With Other Procedures?

Yes, an extended tummy tuck is frequently part of a mommy makeover surgery. Liposuction is also commonly performed during a tummy tuck of any size to promote better and more sculpted results. It should be noted that not all patients will be good candidates for a combined procedure and Dr. Goldschmidt can discuss the possibilities once he reviews the patient’s medical history.

What Is An Extended Abdominoplasty Recovery?

An extended tummy tuck recovery mirrors a traditional abdominoplasty recovery. Occasionally, the recovery from an extended abdominoplasty may be a little longer or more painful, but not significantly for most patients. Dr. Goldschmidt also provides patients with customized post-operative care and instructions. These directions may include:

  • Remain bent at an angle to protect the integrity of the incision
  • Wear compression garments
  • Stay hydrated
  • Refrain from strenuous exercise and activities
  • Attend post-operative meetings
  • Do not return to work or limited activities until okayed by Dr. Goldschmidt
  • Avoid laying flat for around four to six weeks
  • Do not smoke or drink during recovery
  • Care for the incision per Dr. Goldschmidt’s instructions

The Best Extended Tummy Tuck In Cleveland With Dr. Goldschmidt

Dr. Matt Goldschmidt is an accomplished Cleveland plastic surgeon who specializes in all forms of plastic surgery. With thousands of successful surgeries, patients regularly rave about their results and Dr. Goldschmidt’s friendly and compassionate care. He takes an individualized approach to each patient because every patient’s anatomy and situation is different. Dr. Goldschmidt will personally craft a surgical plan for every patient.

For more information about Extended Tummy Tuck in Cleveland or to schedule your Extended Tummy Tuck in Cleveland consultation with Dr. Matt Goldschmidt, please call (216) 264-8100.