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Silicone Breast Augmentation Cleveland, OH

Patients have more options for breast augmentation than ever before. They get to have a say in the incision placement, several specifications of the breast implants, and the placement of the implant. When working to find the best plastic surgeon in Cleveland for your breast augmentation, it is important to consider several factors. These include the frequency of breast surgeries the surgeon has performed, their credentials, and overall experience. Dr. Matt Goldschmidt fits these criteria and offers the best silicone breast augmentation Cleveland offers.

Silicone Breast Augmentation In Cleveland

Silicone breast implants remain the most popular choice of Cleveland breast augmentation patients. Designed to look and feel like natural breast tissue, silicone breast implants are one of the most studied medical devices. They are less likely to cause visible rippling or wrinkling of the skin than saline-filled implants. Today’s silicone breast implants are very different from the silicone implants of the mid-to-late twentieth century. Instead of liquid silicone, the implants consist of a strong silicone shell filled with cohesive silicone gel. This mimics the weight and look of breast tissue, while also being less susceptible to breast implant rupture or leakage. Even in the rare event of a rupture, the cohesive silicone gel is more likely to stick to itself and not leak from the implant.

Choosing Silicone Breast Implants

When picking out the ideal silicone breast implants for breast enhancement surgery, patients have several things to consider. Dr. Goldschmidt helps guide patients in their decision making by making recommendations based on their frame, anatomy, and desired results. However, the patient ultimately decides on the breast implant they want. Here are some of the decisions a patient needs to make:


Within the category of silicone breast implants, there are two types: traditional silicone and gummy bear. Both still consist of silicone gel, but the gummy bear implants use a highly cohesive gel. Many believe gummy bear implants offer patients the most natural results. Though, there are distinct advantages to both.


The size of the breast implant is one aspect patients tend to have a firm opinion about before surgery. A common goal is that a patient may want their breasts to be a certain cup size. This does not correlate exactly to breast implant size. This is because every patient will start out with a different amount of breast tissue. Two patients may end up with the same breast size, but achieved it using different sizes. Dr. Goldschmidt helps patients determine the optimal implant size and patients can try on sizers during their consultation.


Silicone implants have two primary shapes round and anatomical. The round shape is available in both traditional and gummy bear implants. Conversely, the anatomical shape is only available as a gummy bear implant. The anatomical shape is teardrop-shaped to mimic the natural shape of the breast and generally used for reconstruction patients.


The profile of a breast implant refers to the forward projection of the implant when standing. In general, there are three profile types: low, moderate, and high profile. Low profile may better suit patients with wider chests. Many believe a moderate profile creates the ideal results. Finally, a high profile implant creates the most rounded appearance.

Benefits Of Silicone Breast Implants Cleveland

Silicone breast augmentation offers patients several benefits. The exact benefits can vary based on the individual patient and their procedure. Some of the possible advantages of breast augmentation include:

  • Fuller breasts
  • Rounder breasts
  • More cleavage
  • Natural looking fullness
  • Less likely to ripple or wrinkle
  • Feel lighter than saline implants
  • Unlikely to rupture
  • Hidden incisions
  • Multiple incision options
  • Small incisions
  • Less likely to develop capsular contracture (especially when placed under the muscle)
  • Customizable procedure
  • Quick surgery time
  • Manageable recovery
  • Outpatient surgery
  • Performed by one of Ohio’s top breast augmentation surgeons

Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Surgery

Is Silicone Safe For Breast Augmentation?

Yes, many patients express concern about silicone implants because the FDA pulled them off the market in the 1990s. A newer version of the silicone breast implant was reintroduced in 2006. These breast implants contained the thicker silicone gel versus the liquid silicone of older breast implants.

Silicone breast implants on the market are all FDA-approved and considered safe for implantation. Additionally, many other medical implants use medical-grade silicone and it is considered one of the safest materials for such devices.

How Long Do Silicone Breast Implants Last?

Silicone breast implants can last decades. There is no need to replace breast implants if the patient is not experiencing any problems. With silicone implants, you will want to monitor for silent rupture, but this is rare within the first ten years. Most people enjoy their breast implants for several years, if not, decades.

Do Breast Implants Sag As You Age?

The breasts naturally sag with age and the breast implants will follow the natural breast tissue. Rarely do breast implants cause or worsen sagging. One exception to this is if the implants are simply too big for a person’s frame. This can worsen or even contribute to the sagging of the breasts.

How Much Is A Breast Augmentation In Cleveland?

The exact cost of breast augmentation depends on the breast implant chosen, the specifics of the surgery, and other factors. The size of the implant does not usually matter more than the type. However, this will vary depending on the practice. You can expect to pay between $6,000 to $10,000 for all costs. You will receive a customized quote upon consultation with Dr. Goldschmidt.

Do You Have Drains After Breast Augmentation?

Not usually. A breast augmentation—while major surgery—is much less traumatic than other procedures. Unless there was excessive bleeding during the surgery itself (which is rare) there is usually no need for drains after breast augmentation.

The Best Cleveland Breast Augmentation With Silicone Implants

Dr. Matt Goldschmidt is an accomplished and double board certified surgeon. He specializes in minimally invasive surgical techniques including several specialty non-surgical procedures. He is also one of the few Ohio plastic surgeons certified to place the newest generation of silicone breast implants. Dr. Goldschmidt at The Cosmetic Surgery Center performs the best silicone breast augmentation Cleveland and Columbus offer.

For more information about Silicone Breast Augmentation Cleveland, OH or to schedule your Silicone Breast Augmentation Cleveland, OH consultation with Dr. Matt Goldschmidt, please call (216) 264-8100.