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Acne Treatment

Dr. Goldschmidt has experience treating acne both with medical therapies and surgical options. Many times, patients will require both treatments either at the same time or at different times to improve their complexion.

Adult acne can be a very difficult problem to treat and can make you very self-consicous. Dr. Matt Goldschmidt in Cleveland, Ohio may be able to help with treating your acne.

Get Acne Treatment by Dr. Goldschmidt

Acne is due to sebum that is stuck under the skin and begins to get inflamed and infected.  Sebum is made by sebaceous glands and the pores in the skin allow the sebum to make its way to the surface. In acne sufferers, these pores become clogged due to overproduction of sebum caused by hormones or other factors.  It is necessary to reduce the sebum production (through medication) and sometimes use an antibiotic to help fight infected glands.  Over time, these chronic infections can lead to scarring.  This is where surgery may be helpful to help reduce the scars and to help camouflage the damage caused by acne.  Surgery may include laser treatment, dermabrasion, and/or direct excision of the acne scars.  Often, Dr. Matt Goldschmidt, will use a combination of surgical methods to help improve your skin’s appearance and give you the best acne treatment possible!

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