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Earlobe Repair

Dr. Goldschmidt will listen to your concerns and then develop a treatment plan to address your cosmetic goals.

Heavy earrings, trauma, or ear gauging can result in torn or elongated earlobes. Patients may find this unattractive or it can make it impossible to wear earrings. Many patients do not realize that a qualified surgeon can quickly and easily fix this. In Cleveland, Ohio, Dr. Matt Goldschmidt is an expert in cosmetic ear surgery and can correct a torn earlobe in a matter of minutes. Gauged ear surgery is also performed to remove the gauges and tighten the earlobes that resulted from years of wearing plugs. Dr. Goldschmidt can perform the procedure under local or general anesthesia.


Dr. Goldschmidt will listen to your concerns and create a treatment plan to address your cosmetic goals. He can reshape, make them smaller, and, of course, repair the earlobes if torn. Additionally, the scars usually heal well and Dr. Goldschmidt will re-pierce your earlobe if you wish either at the same time as the repair or at a later date.


Most patients have very few problems after surgery. Patients may feel slight discomfort that they can easily control with pain medication and cold compresses. Dr. Goldschmidt hides the scars in natural folds. Additionally, scar treatments may help fade the scars.

Earlobe repair can also be done at the same time as other procedures. For example, patients may also undergo a a facelift, facial fillers (i.e. JUVÉDERM® or Restylane®), or eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) at the same time.

Does earlobe surgery hurt?

Dr. Goldschmidt can perform earlobe surgery under local or general anesthesia to ensure a comfortable treatment. Patients can remedy any discomfort they feel with TYLENOL® or cold compresses. Most pain fades in one to two days.

How much is earlobe repair surgery?

The cost of your earlobe surgery will vary depending on the specifications of your procedure. This cost will factor in the location, anesthesia, facility fees, surgical fees, and post-surgical dressings.

Does insurance cover earlobe surgery?

Earlobe repair is traditionally considered an elective procedure. Therefore, it is not usually covered by insurance.

Can earrings easily rip your earlobe?

Large or heavy earrings, especially earrings with hoops or rings, can easily catch on something and tear your earlobe. Patients should practice extra caution when wearing earrings like this (and take them out if holding a child who might pull on them). Additionally, wearing heavy earrings can cause your piercings to stretch and become elongated. Luckily, Dr. Goldschmidt can easily repair stretched piercings or torn earlobes.

How long does it take for an ear piercing to close?

Ear piercings may eventually close on their own depending on the length of time that the piercing has been present. Initially, the patient’s piercings could heal in a matter of hours. However, the longer you have had a piercing, the longer it will take to heal.

For patients who have had piercings or plugs for several years, the piercings will never close on their own. This also applies to torn or stretched piercings, but they are much less likely to close on their own.

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