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Breast Augmentation US vs Canada

Why Breast Augmentation In The US Is More Advantageous Than In Canada

For women all over the globe, breast augmentation is a widely sought-after procedure. This is no different for women in Canada. It’s no secret that breast augmentation can not only rejuvenate the breast tissue and shape but also one’s sense of self. However, many Canadian women may not know the advantages of breast augmentation in the US over Canada. Many factors, including Many factors such as doctor accessibility, technological advancements, and implant options, play a part in making the US one of the leading countries in breast augmentation surgeries. Here are some of the few advantages of having a breast augmentation in the US.

Surgeon Accessibility

Many Canadians know how difficult it can be to make an appointment with a doctor, let alone a plastic surgeon. Canadians often have to jump through hoops to book an initial consultation, and even then, many of these appointments get canceled. Canada is facing enormous wait times for elective surgeries, and booking follow-up appointments, even after a breast augmentation surgery, can be a nightmare. In Canada, the wait time for breast augmentation surgery, from consultation to procedure, is around thirty-six weeks.  In the US, plastic surgeons are readily available and can complete the entire process, from consultation to procedure, is about four weeks. The plastic surgeons are active in booking follow-up appointments and are with you every step of the way. Should there be any complications, the surgeon will be accessible for any of your needs.

The Price Is On Par

Although the US dollar is stronger than the Canadian dollar, the price of breast augmentation is on par with that in Canada. This is due to the fact that breast augmentations in Canada are typically more expensive than in the US. In Canada, breast augmentation ranges between $8,000-10,000 Canadian dollars. In the US, breast augmentation ranges between $4,000-5,000  US dollars. This pricing is on par with the price in Canada, so there is no added expense in getting your breast augmentation done in the US.

Technological Advancement

Although the Canadian healthcare system has much to boast about, typically, technological advancements are not one of them. Canada is less proactive in adapting new medical technology than the US. This includes technology used in breast augmentation.  In the US, one will find the newest technologies and techniques that provide the highest quality breast augmentation.

Generally, the US offers a better variety of implant sizes and options to ensure patients are delighted with their procedure. This is partly because the US adopts advancements in the medical field faster than Canada and partly because the US is one of the leading countries in implant manufacturers.

For Canadian women desiring the perfect breast implant, the US provides many options and sizes to choose from.

Patient Confidentiality Laws

In the US, patient privacy laws are strict and unwavering. No one in the US, including doctors and surgeons, can give away patient confidentiality unless the patient is informed and gives consent. This allows the patient to feel at ease when undergoing surgery they may wish to keep to themselves. While Canada also has patient privacy laws, they are more relaxed than the United States, which can create some issues. In the US, patient confidentiality is of top priority for plastic surgeons, and any breach of that is punishable in a court of law. Ultimately, your doctor is under the jurisdiction of the US health care authorities and adheres to the rules and regulations governed by them.


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US Breast Augmentation

Overall, each patient should be able to gain access to their plastic surgeon and undergo elective procedures in a timely manner. They should feel comfortable with the care and technology used with breast augmentation and feel assured they are receiving the best care there is to offer. Their privacy should be strictly protected, and the price shouldn’t differ. The US takes pride in its breast augmentation services and the many talented plastic surgeons who perform the procedure.

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