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Breast Implant Size Guide

Posted November 01, 2023 in Breast Augmentation, Breast Implants

Breast implant sizing can be confusing if you are in the initial stages of considering a breast augmentation. Breast implant size is not measured in the standard cup sizing but in cubic centimeters (cc). Below is a simple breakdown of general breast implant sizing so you can go into your breast augmentation consultation with confidence. 

  • A-B Implants: Smaller implants that are the A-B cup sizes are anywhere from 200-300cc
  • C-D Implants: Medium breast implants that are C-D cup sizes are anywhere from 350-430cc
  • DD-E Implants: Larger implants that are the DD-E cup sizes are anywhere from 400-550cc

It’s essential to keep in mind that this is a general guide. Your provider will be able to explain breast implant sizes in greater detail and provide the best breast implant size for your goals and physique.   

Dr. Matt Goldschmidt at The Cosmetic Surgery Center provides the leading breast augmentation for all his patients. He will walk every patient through the specific sizing and make recommendations tailored to each patient. Breast implant sizing can be made simple with the right cosmetic surgeon.

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Dr. Matthew Goldschmidt
Dr. Matthew Goldschmidt
Dr. Matthew Goldschmidt is devoted to the well-being and satisfaction of his patients. His practice specializes in cosmetic and restorative surgery. His non-profit charity, Beautiful Faces Inc., remains dedicated to working with children to provide dental and medical care. Dr. Goldschmidt specializes in breast augmentation and works to provide the top technology and techniques for every patient.